FCGC Is Cheering On Client Shea Buckner As He Goes For Olympic Gold!

FCGC is cheering on client and fellow Trojan, Shea Buckner, as he and Team USA Water Polo go for Olympic Gold in London.  The USA Water Polo Team, led by Captain and friend of FCGC, Tony Azevedo, defeated Romania yesterday with a score of 10-8.  Earlier in the week, Team USA rallied against Montenegro 8-7, Sunday.  To support the USA men’s team and stay up to date on their road to the Gold, please visit NBC’s Olympic Water Polo page.

Shea Buckner | London Olympics - USA Water Polo vs Romania

Team USA Women’s Waterpolo Player, Lauren Wenger, a former Trojan teammate of FCGC Founding Attorney, Tiffany A. Kahnen, will be giving her all in the pool as she and Team USA compete for the Gold.  Team USA defeated Hungary, Monday 14-13.  Lauren Wenger played a great game and Team USA came out strong.  FCGC is cheering for you girls back home!  To support the USA women’s team and stay up to date on their road to the Gold, please visit NBC’s Olympic Water Polo page.

Lauren Wenger, of the United States, blocks a shot by Ildiko Toth, of Hungary.

FCGC would also like to wish our fellow Trojans, Trojan Teammates & Friends all our best as they compete for the Olympic Gold in London.  We are cheering for you back in the US every step of the way.

Good Luck!

  • Shea Buckner – US Men’s Waterpolo
  • Tony Azevedo – US Men’s Water Polo
  • Lauren Wenger – US Women’s Water Polo
  • Kami Craig – US Women’s Water Polo
  • Amy Rodriguez – US Women’s Soccer
  • Ous Mellouli – US Men’s Swimming
  • April Ross – US Women’s Beach Volleyball
  • Aniko Pelle – Italy Women’s Water Polo
  • Sofia Konoukh – Russia Women’s Water Polo


Tiffany A. Kahnen is the Founding Corporate Attorney at Four Corners General Counsel.  FCGC provides corporate legal counsel at a Fixed Value Price, flat fee.  We work closely with each client to develop legal solutions custom tailored to fit their unique needs, at a predictable rate they can budget for.  We handle all aspects of corporate law, including contractual transactions, risk management & dispute resolution.

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